Last July we were delighted to welcome Nick Stock for a wonderful tasting of our Champagnes. This is what he wrote in his article about Champagne:

“Yet, a number of producers are fascinated by the extreme nature of the harvest. “This notion of pH is very important in Champagne,” says Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy of Champagne Geoffroy. “Acidity is the image of the year and pH is the DNA of the terroir. I am sure of that because each year I have almost the same pH for the same plots, even in this extreme 2018 harvest.”

Rene Geoffroy Champagne Volupté Brut 2011
Score: 98 Points
10 Jul, 2019 – Apple puree, lemon brioche, cream and pastry on the nose and palate. Full body. Creamy with very fine bubbles and a long and flavorful finish. Great finish. A triumph in a year that is contentious for some palates. To succeed in challenging years is the sign of a great vigneron and we love this! Drink now.

Rene Geoffroy Champagne Empreinte Brut 1989
Score: 96 Points
26 Aug, 2019 – So much autolysis here with aromas of fresh mushrooms and light soy, as well as grilled nuts and a very long palate that has a succulent, toasty finish that heads into pipe tobacco, coffee, grilled hazelnuts and toasted bread. The acidity holds it very pure. Exceptional. Drink now. Disgorged in 1993.

Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy Champagne Les Houtrants Complantés
Score: 92 Points
26 Aug, 2019 – A blend of vintages from a single plot. Pinot noir, pinot meunier, chardonnay, arbanne and petit meslier are harvested and pressed together each year. Lots of cooked-apple and crabapple aromas and flavors. Lifted nose with bread dough, as well. Full body. Flavorful finish. Drink now.

Rene Geoffroy Champagne Empreinte Brut 2012
Score: 93 Points
11 Jul, 2019 – Bright, wild red berries and white peaches with fresh, pastry-like lees influence. The palate has a sweep of very vinous pinot flesh with light red-fruit and subtle blood-orange flavors. Drink now.

Rene Geoffroy Champagne Rose de Saignee Brut 2014
Score: 93 Points
11 Jul, 2019 – Such precise aromas of fresh strawberries, flinty stones and lightly toasted bread, leading to a palate that ahs impressive, vinous appeal and a supple, seamlessly fleshy, strawberry-flavoured palate. Drink or hold.

Rene Geoffroy Champagne Expression Brut
Score: 91 Points
10 Jul, 2019 – Lots of apple and brioche aromas and flavors. Full body. Creamy and layered. Very fruity and crafted. Decadent and flavourful in the end. Drink now.

Rene Geoffroy Champagne Extra Brut Millesime 2000
Score: 95 Points
10 Jul, 2019 – A decadent and finely grained Champagne with pie-crust, beef-wellington and light apple and strawberry character. Full body. Very rich and creamy texture. Shows wonderful old-age. Drink now.