Cumières Rouge Meunier 2015

A 100% Meunier Cumières Rouge is both a rarity and a curiosity. It is in fact almost impossible to find in Champagne a red Coteaux Champenois made from this much denigrated grape variety. Well, here we have a soft spot for this hard-to-grow variety. We take a lot of care from the beginning of the Meunier’s later growing cycle, to obtain beautiful juicy bunches of grapes composed of large berries. The bunches that go into this red wine are selected from across all of our older vines, which offer all the minerality of their poor soil of sand and silt. This 2015 Meunier vintage will be the fourth in the history of our House. Quite by chance nature seems to offer us the opportunity to make the most of this “rustic” variety every 4 years or so, to create unique red wines.